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Im always in TrouBle

Im always in TrouBle

Sunday, July 18, 2010

sUddeNly it CaMe!!!

Pernah x u'all nk tdo n suddenly terpikir the past thing yg u dah buat.. n then u rase menyesal.. so wtf kan.. it happen to me tonite... b4 this pnah gak tp x mcm ni kowt.. i slalu gak fikir btol ke ape yg i wat ni.. ape yg i study.. bcoz most of my life are learn from my mistake before.. mcm i amek engineering.. bcoz i kene pkse amek science stream dulu.. then bru my parent realized that reading subject "cannot go" dalam istilah hidup bdak nme KJ ni.. hahahaha..

tonite i rase certain thing are unacceptable in my life.. it shouldnt happened in the first place.. cmmon la kj.. pehal ko ni bangang sgt.. hahahaha... itu yg i ckp kat diri i.. tp sumenye mengajar i utk wat pilihan btol when the similar situation happen again.. tp still bapak la x ley trime akal la i wat bende bodoh cmtu..knal ngn org cmtu.. wat decision bodoh cmtu..telalu gle.. dulu la tp kan.. seriously..

anyway.. lets live the life bebeh.. and dont be so stupidos to repeat the same mistake again.. each situation make u wiser kan.. but dont get old too soon before u get wiser.. rugi.. avoid make the same mistake.. and planning is the keyword for today acctually.. sudah2 la wat bende bodo.. n sudah2 la memikirkan bende2 lame.. bende yg bakal dtg plak.. avoid la dr other distraction yg melemahkan smangat kte.. hahaha... jgn menyampah lak bce entry nie.. i cme ikot pepatah bijak pndai je.. jgn mara lak..

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Question.. answer??

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own blog, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag five people including the person who tagged you. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real.. nothing made up! IF the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Firstly, I'll choose K as the first letter of my name.
Certain questions are harder for me to answer.

What is ur name:

A four letter word:

A boys name:

A girl's name:

An occupation:
Kfc staff

Something you'll wear:
Kickers shoes

A type of food:
Kenny rogers

Something found in the bathroom:
K***k hhahahaha

A place:

A reason for being late:
Kereta hilang

Something u'd shout:

Something you drink:

A musical group:

An animal:

A type of car:
Kereta kebal

A type of fruit:

hahahahahaha... its easy but ridiculous answer i gave..

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mr n Mrs K.. why K?

my cute little shark


why Kyra???
kerana ia best...
kerana we love friday n hate sunday..
friday is the day we met every week..
sunday when we must be apart... the day when ur eyes shining with ur tears..
i pnah bg kyra bende cmni.. word in word..

why did i love you??

perlu ke? me show it in form of word? my reaction? reason? do something to let u know?
I think you just need 10 second to look into my eyes. there u will see u in my eyes.. so then u know that no other in me but you..

smalam die nmpk kude.. die kate comel.. comel ke?

die ckp ape pown.. i will agree with it..

susah la babe..
im tired to start this kind of game all over again..
to trust other.. to know other.. to let other love me as sincere as you are..
im tired.. coz deep in my heart there no other that make me laugh so hard.. cried so sad.. love so much.. know me well.. like you do..
and you already know it when u cried every sunday when we be apart..
love you..

susah la... tdo pown comel.. love u babe..

hope it last forever.. my soulmate..

n this is me every sunday n weekdays untill friday.. hmmm..

weekend with syarkkk aRrRrRr...


Fuhh... such a long dramatic weekend.. but its worthwhile to do it again and again and again.. Nape ekh?? kerana ada kammmoooo.. my lovely adorable cutie syark... eeeeeraaa.. hehehehe... the happy journey begin when last thursday i forgot that last friday was wesak day.. ofcoz la yg jumaat tu cuti.. tu pown after my colleague kat site bgtau " xblk ke esok?? bkan ade inspection pown".. i ngn sepantas kilat " esok cuti ke?" hehehehe... ble dah tau cuti, sith the speed of light i blk and beli ticket.. " kyra.. my bus at 2pm.. get ur self ready.." tros blk dan mempacking kan brg..

Sesampainye i kat jb my lovely hometown.. there a princess waiting for me yg nyata bkan prince la kan.. FASTFORWARD>>>>>>>>>>>>> then kami g mkn kat kopok.. lme sudey x mkn kat situ.. tu diantara tempat fav ktorg lepak ptg.. torg nie kalo bab mkn mmg expert.. psl ktorg rajin explore tmpt bru..


friday.. penghulu segala hari.. lpas je smayang jumaat we all g movie.. kyra biase la.. mesti nk tgk cte die nye.. i mmg tention psl i nk tgk cte prince of persia.. ade ke die ajak tgk cite shrek or ANDARTU pe ntah??? hahahaha.. mmg x la kan.. thank god that shrek are full house.. n cte ANDARTU tu.. hah.. stop dreaming la.. im glad to be dead rather sickly watching that crap.. finally.. prnce of persia.. here we come... hehehehe.. awal kyra dah kte .. " kjot kan sye ble cte dah abes" hah!! dah abes cte bru tau.. b cte ni best la... hehehehe... then ktorg berjalan2 mencari brg.. lalu keluar bersama zam membubur kan diri di sentosa.. puas zam kene tipu.. menggelaba die cri passport.. hehehehe... ktorg ckp sentosa tu kat singapore.. cian zam..


i nk start saturday ni after kol 5.. before that private sket.. hari tu ktorg menshoppin kan diri di hp.. kyra pilih brg2 i.. hajat nk cri jacket.. abes sume kdai ktorg msok.. atlast termsok lak kat parkson.. dan ternmpk lak kasut.. mle2 usha sembo.. ntah cmne ley tertampan kat bonia lak.. at first cm mls kan.. bonia mesti melambung harge.. stelah dibakar oleh kyra.. terbeli la jgk kasut tu.. hehehehe... abes melecur sye kyra...


sunday... secret... hehehehehe... nk tau g bkak

Saturday, May 29, 2010

FiShy... SsSsSsHhHhHhHh!!!!!

WAHHHHHHHH... do you smell what im smelling?? sumthin fishy happen tonight. so what im gonna do? just sit back and enjoy the show? whats wrong for being carefull? be someone that give an extra attention on sumthin suspicious? its for ur own good aite? kan??? bkan pa.. cme being protective kowt.. that all.. protecting my family and the one and only lover.. Zaman MUDA dah abes kowt.. its time on focusing the future.. let the history flying through the time.. kalo blaja sjarah dulu kan la, the history came from combination of HIS + STORY or HER + STORY.. and there are concrete evidence that most history are repeated.. to overcome the problem from the past is to remember and analyze the past for a better future.. bak lgu TONYOK "sejarah mungkin berulang" but i will handle it and overcome the matters base on experience..

"History teaches everything including the future." by Lamartine

by Victor Hugo

LeSsOn FoR ThE DaY ~ Learn from the past. let experience and knowledge guide your path.

Friday, May 28, 2010


OWHH MY GOD!!! am i blogging folks???? hehehe.. this is my first , sorry for the unperfectness of my post. so what am i suppose to say in this post? and why do we blogging??????

haha.. dah mcm bwt karangan la plak kan.. in my opinion blogging is the place for a person to share their thought, their idea and whats going on with the world right now? haha.. pada i lakan. ni la tempat dimana i can let the world know what am i feeling right now.. dulu i tunjukkan pada lagu coz im dead without rhyme. that why la im a big big kipas susah mati tupac... Mamat nie ctekan jln hdup die n ape yg die x puas hati kat dlm lagu.. sodap lak tu lagu dier.. hahaha.. skang i dah ade seseorg (kyra) yg bley i cte dah ckup kowt.. x yah nk cte kat ramai2 org..

lpe lak knalkan diri.. my name is kheidir.. im new here.. so u better watch out coz im takin over this place.. "blog aku lg pown.." sorry la kalo ade pape yg x ckup coz im not MR perfect. actually i hate Mr perfect.. skali harung la ngn Mr Nice Guy.. ktorg mmg bermusuh.. coz im the Mr nobody.. cm x aci sbenarnye.. kalo korg perfect sgt.. ape gune dosa pahala?? ade la kurang sbenarnye yg kte x nmpk.. but x yah la ko nk bgge sgt kan???? hehehehe.. termarah plak..

anyway this is my kyra..
( yang bawah :p )

LeSSon for ThE Day ~ be proud for who you are..