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Im always in TrouBle

Im always in TrouBle

Saturday, May 29, 2010

FiShy... SsSsSsHhHhHhHh!!!!!

WAHHHHHHHH... do you smell what im smelling?? sumthin fishy happen tonight. so what im gonna do? just sit back and enjoy the show? whats wrong for being carefull? be someone that give an extra attention on sumthin suspicious? its for ur own good aite? kan??? bkan pa.. cme being protective kowt.. that all.. protecting my family and the one and only lover.. Zaman MUDA dah abes kowt.. its time on focusing the future.. let the history flying through the time.. kalo blaja sjarah dulu kan la, the history came from combination of HIS + STORY or HER + STORY.. and there are concrete evidence that most history are repeated.. to overcome the problem from the past is to remember and analyze the past for a better future.. bak lgu TONYOK "sejarah mungkin berulang" but i will handle it and overcome the matters base on experience..

"History teaches everything including the future." by Lamartine

by Victor Hugo

LeSsOn FoR ThE DaY ~ Learn from the past. let experience and knowledge guide your path.


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