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Im always in TrouBle

Im always in TrouBle

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mr n Mrs K.. why K?

my cute little shark


why Kyra???
kerana ia best...
kerana we love friday n hate sunday..
friday is the day we met every week..
sunday when we must be apart... the day when ur eyes shining with ur tears..
i pnah bg kyra bende cmni.. word in word..

why did i love you??

perlu ke? me show it in form of word? my reaction? reason? do something to let u know?
I think you just need 10 second to look into my eyes. there u will see u in my eyes.. so then u know that no other in me but you..

smalam die nmpk kude.. die kate comel.. comel ke?

die ckp ape pown.. i will agree with it..

susah la babe..
im tired to start this kind of game all over again..
to trust other.. to know other.. to let other love me as sincere as you are..
im tired.. coz deep in my heart there no other that make me laugh so hard.. cried so sad.. love so much.. know me well.. like you do..
and you already know it when u cried every sunday when we be apart..
love you..

susah la... tdo pown comel.. love u babe..

hope it last forever.. my soulmate..

n this is me every sunday n weekdays untill friday.. hmmm..


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