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Im always in TrouBle

Im always in TrouBle

Friday, May 28, 2010


OWHH MY GOD!!! am i blogging folks???? hehehe.. this is my first , sorry for the unperfectness of my post. so what am i suppose to say in this post? and why do we blogging??????

haha.. dah mcm bwt karangan la plak kan.. in my opinion blogging is the place for a person to share their thought, their idea and whats going on with the world right now? haha.. pada i lakan. ni la tempat dimana i can let the world know what am i feeling right now.. dulu i tunjukkan pada lagu coz im dead without rhyme. that why la im a big big kipas susah mati tupac... Mamat nie ctekan jln hdup die n ape yg die x puas hati kat dlm lagu.. sodap lak tu lagu dier.. hahaha.. skang i dah ade seseorg (kyra) yg bley i cte dah ckup kowt.. x yah nk cte kat ramai2 org..

lpe lak knalkan diri.. my name is kheidir.. im new here.. so u better watch out coz im takin over this place.. "blog aku lg pown.." sorry la kalo ade pape yg x ckup coz im not MR perfect. actually i hate Mr perfect.. skali harung la ngn Mr Nice Guy.. ktorg mmg bermusuh.. coz im the Mr nobody.. cm x aci sbenarnye.. kalo korg perfect sgt.. ape gune dosa pahala?? ade la kurang sbenarnye yg kte x nmpk.. but x yah la ko nk bgge sgt kan???? hehehehe.. termarah plak..

anyway this is my kyra..
( yang bawah :p )

LeSSon for ThE Day ~ be proud for who you are..


Kyra Nordin said...

so sweet. =)

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